«…Don’t get a dog if you can not.
Don’t get a dog if you can.
And only when you can’t live without a dog — get it…»
A.P. Mazover

I got involved in american staffordshire terriers in 1999. Our neighbors had a brindle&white bitch, strong, bright, with a perfect temperament. I did not know anything about pedigrees, shows and breeding then, but the idea of getting such dog as a family friend fired my imagination. But my mother did not hurry to sustain my dream of american staffordshire due to the frightening reputation of the breed. Parents supposed that it is dangerous to have such a dog at home. It was a misthought, and I checked on this opinion is mistaken every time I spent with amstaffs and explored all the literature available at that time. But parents’ view was adamant.
In the same year I visited my first dog show and since that I did it regularly, and my attention was firmy focused on AST rings. But only 12 years later I entered the ring with my first own dog Gang Staff Rock My World (Bes).

Bes came to me in 2011 from a polish kennel Gang Staff. The story of his appearance and living with us can claim for a special chapter in our kennel’s memoirs. Bes’ breeder was very active in testing his dogs for breed disease — ataxia, and it attracted my attention to him. Today I can only say that the art of balance in breeding makes a breeder good one. You cannot make a sacrifice of one important feature for the sake of the rest. Bes has become my main guide to the world of cynology and still is my beloved dog, but I wanted more.

to be continued